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The Juggabeewees are tiny creatures that resemble beetles. They live together in tribes on the planet Wugga, where there are only three seasons.  
In the first season, the Juggabeewees awaken from hibernation in the carcass of a Giant Erk and begin to frolic in the moss. They feast on the Giant Erk and protect the Erk bones from the Bone Munchers of the forest.
In the second season, the Juggabeewees stew the Erk bones in their brewing cauldron. The Juggabeewees' main predator, the Steam Sucker Bat, smells the steam from the stew. The Bats cannot resist the intoxicating aroma of the steam. They spiral downwards until they plunge into the boiling cauldron.
In the third season, the Giant Erk migrates over the hilltops in search of food. The Juggabeewees bow in worship of the Giant Erk, who devours the Juggabeewees. The Giant Erk cannot digest the Juggabeewees' exo-skeletons, and it dies soon thereafter.
There, inside the Giant Erk, the Juggabeewees begin their hibernation until the first season returns. This three-season cycle repeats every year on planet Wugga.  


Lyrics to the song "The Juggabeewees"


The Juggabeewees are tiny beetles from another planet that's neat

They spring right up from the bones on the ground 'til there's nothing left to eat.


The Juggabeewees have a big old cauldron where they boil up the bones for fun

The bats fly around and they spiral down, after the setting sun.


The Juggabeewees meet the Giant Erk and they think that he is their king.

But, as they're bowing down, the Erk gobbles them down, and dies later that evening.


Oh wow, those Juggabeewees have an exo-skeleton!

They hibernate in the Erk until the winter is done.

They awaken from the Erk and feast on all of it's meat.

They protect themselves with the bones so the cycle can repeat...


all images, writing, and music © Bill Long